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Anna Scandella

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    Eight-days itinerary in the North of Italy + Florence

    An itinerary for discovering some of the must-see places in Northern Italy, mixed with some quirky locations that you probably wouldn’t find on mainstream tourist advice.

    48 hours in Paris: where to go and what to do

    On the 23rd of April, we went to London to watch Les Miserables at the Sondheim Theatre. Since Blake has wanted to meet a friend in Paris for a long time, we thought of booking a train there for Sunday morning and visiting the French Capital.

    A spontaneous trip to Brighton: three things we loved

    We have just returned from four days in Brighton, which we had barely planned. We had no itinerary nor list of things to do (which is incredibly unlikely for me), so here’s a list of three things we ended up doing, and we enjoyed loads.

    How to spend a cultural, but boho-chic day in London

    Last Sunday, I took the train down to London to spend one day with my friend Margarida, who crafted the perfect one-day itinerary for us to enjoy a mix of boho-chic and evergreen, classic locations. On top of that, we have recently got the National Art Pass, and we wanted to make the most out of it.

    Three traditional pubs you must try in Llangollen

    Our trip to Llangollen involved a lot of delicious pub food – not complaining – and you can find a selection of our favourite places below. One thing to point out is that all pubs we visited were dog-friendly and we had no issues whatsoever travelling with our fairly bulky dog.

    Three hot spots you don’t want to miss in Llangollen

    You know those days in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve when you have no idea what to do with your life? You can’t start on your New Year Resolutions just yet as they’d technically not count on any of your activity trackers, but you don’t even want to sit on the sofa for so long that you’ll become one with it.